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Treatment for Yellow Vaginal Discharge Due to Infection

Vaginal discharge is a common occurrence in most of the women and it is not a matter of concern usually. The discharge is actually a combination of fluid and cells secreted out from the vagina in order to keep it clean and to keep the infections away.

The color, amount and the consistency of this discharge can vary according to the menstrual cycle and the ovulation in the woman. It depends on the levels of estrogen circulating in the body. The changes in the discharge help sperm to live longer and aid them in travelling through the body to fertilize the egg. Normally the vaginal discharge is whitish or clear and is either watery or a little thicker. If there is yellow vaginal discharge present, there could be a presence of an infection or other factors causing it. The imbalance of the bacteria present in the vagina can cause to change the pH of the vagina. Menstruation, douching, soaps, hormonal changes and sexual activities can also change the pH of the vagina. Continue reading